Oil Palm Nursery

Oil Palm Series: Handbooks for Nursery, Immature and Mature

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MPOB F4 3 in 1 Bio-Chemical Fertilizer

The oil palm (Elaes guineensis) is a fast expanding crop in the tropics. The plant has many uses: as food, industrial material and energy. There is yet another more superior substitute like oil palm in sight. Demand for palm oil is strong. As a commodity, it correlates with population and economic growth. Only a few countries in the world are blessed with land and climate for its efficient production.
MPOB F4 is a 3 in 1 control-release fertilizer consisting of living organisms, chemical and organic matters. It is suitable for application on sloping terrain and problematic soil. MPOB F4 is a balanced fertilizer and it is incorporated with zeolite to increase CEC for better nutrient and water retention, minimizing leaching losses that save on fertilizer cost.

MPOB F4 fertilizer

MPOB F4 fertilizer