Oil Palm Nursery

Oil Palm Nursery Irrigation System


Water is the most important factors in growing oil palm. It can directly affect vegetative growth of the oil palm. Two commonly used irrigation system in the industry consuming high level of water. When water are scarce during dry-spell, these systems are unable to perform to the desired level.

Oil Palm Seedlings at Mega Jutamas Nursery Miri

We Sell Matured Oil Palm Dura X Pesifera Seedlings.

Mega Jutamas Oil Palm Nursery operates approximately 25Ha of nursery located at various strategic location around Niah Region in Sarawak. We are certified with “Oil Palm Nursery Competency Certificate” by the Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB). This is a certification acknowledging the quality and commitment by our nursery towards producing high quality seeds. We are also certified with the Code of Good Nursery Practice for Oil Palm Nurseries. We use the best seeds proven for their quality from Felda Agricultural Services Sdn. Bhd. and Sime Darby Seeds & Agricultural Services Sdn. Bhd. Our valuable customers include MPOB, farmers, small holders and many others.

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• We are a MPOB Certified Nursery
• Seeds sourced only from Sime Darby and Felda
• OPNCC (Oil Palm Nursery Certificate of Competency) certified
• Standard polybag size 15” x 18” for 10 months old seedling
• We can cater for bulk orders by booking
• 200,000 to 300,000 seedlings
• Small holders welcome
• Inspections are welcome

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Location 1: Nursery at Batu Niah, Sarawak

  • We have about 50,000 Seedlings available at this Nursery
  • Price of Seedling = RM15.00 (inclusive GST)


Location 2: Nursery at Mega Jutamas Estate, Suai

  • We have about 150,000 Seedlings available at this Nursery
  • Price of Seedling = RM14.00 (inclusive GST)
  • Current Photo of Seedling Size on 5/8/2015



Location 3: Nursery at Batu 47

  • We have about 50,000 Seedlings available at this Nursery
  • Price of Seedling = RM15.00 (inclusive GST)