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Nut Polishing Drum

Nut Polishing Drum

Quantity of light particles dropped out from nut polishing drum screen is an indication of kernel losses control at fibre cyclone. A new approach of install inverter control fibre fan complete with PLC may significantly minimised kernel losses at fibre cyclone.

Benefits of Decanter Solid

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  • Decanter solid is good for flowers and vegetables. Many palm oil mill are giving free of charge for their FFB suppliers.
  • Decanter solid contains some good chemical properties such as high pH value and high potassium value >35% which will be good for plants especially oil palms.

MJM Palm Oil Mill wants more FFB


MJM Palm Oil Mill starts operation on October 2013 located along coastal highway near Bekenu town. Highway to mill via concrete road about 3km. It has process capacity of 60MT/Hour. Buy FFB from customers at attractive price. and …